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Bioten Cosmetics Review

July 24, 2014 in BEAUTY by samara


IMG_2675Big thank you to Bioten Cosmetics for sending us some of  their lovely products!

  • Bioten Cleansing Wipes : In general, I use a liquid cleanser to remove my make-up each night, but there are days I’m just too tired.Bioten cleansing wipes work even better. They are large and one wipe – folded to use each section – will get all your make-up off, even mascara. They seem good for my skin and didn’t cause any irritation.The scent of the wipes is beautiful.I really like these wipes and will replace them when these run out. Recommended!
  • Bioten Colour Correction Skin Moisture : It was my first time using CC cream and I’m loving this product.It has good coverage, non sticky, and I feel like I don’t need foundation or powder after applying this product.It also makes your pores look way smaller and even conceals a lot of them entirely.
  • Βioten Restructuring & Antiwrinkle Day Cream SPF15 : This product goes on silky, no oily feel, no harsh perfumes, and no skin or eye irritation (and I use it around my eyes). I wake up looking a little brighter every day. Deeper smile lines are softening more and more, skin is more even and sun damage is lightening up. It is packaged properly so that the beneficial ingredients are not exposed to the light, air, & bacteria that destroys them.
  • Bioten Shower Cream Silky Radiance : This cream feels so luxurious it has cocoa butter in it, it also has macademia oil, all of which are good for the skin.It absorbs right into the skin, leaving my skin soft and smooth.It smells really good, a nice clean, non-florally scent.I really like this cream, and I would/will repurchase. It would also make a nice gift for someone in my opinion.
  • Bioten Body Nutrients Body Lotion For Dry Skin  : Very moisturizing with the right consistency – not too watery or thick. It’s definitely not greasy either.The scent is so light and wonderful. The big bottle lasts me a long time.

Let me know your feedback about these products on the comment section here.The more we communicate the more we can all help each other out.

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L’oreal Paris cleaning products review +imisi bracelets

July 11, 2014 in BEAUTY by samara




  •  L’oreal Paris Make up remover: SUPER-soft cleansing especially for sensitive skin,gently removes all my makeup and don’t dry out my skin.I have an oily T-Zone and the sides of my face and nose are always super dry, so it’s hard to find a good cleanser that doesn’t dry out or over moisturize. This one is perfect! It gets off all makeup,I can swipe my skin with a cotton ball and toner and the cotton ball is clean! I love this stuff! It also leaves my dry areas smooth and soft.
  •  L’oreal Paris Ideal Fresh: With sensitive skin, this liquid cleanser does not dry out the skin or leave a residue. It is a great alternative if you wish to leave soap additives out of your daily living.Just a small amount cleans your whole face.The price is great too!
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Summer Nights: makeup tutorial | Ioanna Samara

July 6, 2014 in BEAUTY, VIDEO by samara

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